“URBAN DIALOGUE by Farrells”

– Fringe Club –

At the Fringe Club, URBAN DIALOGUE reveals Farrells’ profound understanding of how cities work and how they can be improved, each project responding to the different considerations and the unique circumstances inherent to each location.

Farrells’ master planning and design proposals for the new urban district and major transportation hub of West Kowloon built entirely on reclaimed land required close study and observation of how the new district would relate to the geography, culture and history of adjacent neighbourhoods accounting for the lifestyles and habits of their residents. The commercial and residential development of KK1 00 in Shenzhen was created through the formation of a unique partnership with the villagers of Caiwuwei who were the original occupants of the site to create the tallest building designed by a British architect. Sensitive both to the needs of the public and to the unique history of one of Hong Kong’s oldest districts, Farrells adapted the designs of the new Kennedy Town MTR station and swimming pool to preserve the area’s 120 year old banyan trees, and provide a more sensitive urban design solution.

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